Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space radio show to return on Apple Music 1

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  • Featuring a mix from Sweeney and Planningtorock, the debut episode airs tonight at 10 PM ET.
  • Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space radio show to return on Apple Music 1 image
  • Tim Sweeney's long-running radio show Beats In Space will return to the airwaves tonight, November 1st, this time on the Apple Music 1 station. In March, after 21 years and over 1,000 weekly broadcasts, Sweeney aired the last episode of his massively influential show on WNYU. Fans will be happy to hear the show is now back, streaming for free with archival mixes available exclusively to Apple Music listeners. There are several logistical changes. For starters, Sweeney will move from WNYU's basement studios to Apple Music's studios in Manhattan. Sweeney, as well as guest DJs, will be paid, and the artists whose music appears in DJ mixes will also be paid out from the streaming service. "They've given me a lot of freedom with this," Sweeney told Resident Advisor. "I'm still doing Beats In Space. I'm still booking the artists I want. I'm still playing the music I want. So for me, the change is just being able to reach a bigger audience and have a team of people to help me do that." Sweeney also plans to retain the scrappy feeling of BiS wherever possible, recording live in the studio with artists and keeping the informal interview segments intact. "I set up a P.O box for postcards," he said. "I still have the hotline. That's why I wanted to do the Polaroids, I love that feeling. How can I bring a little bit of messiness over to Apple Music and still have them love the show?" The debut show, which features Sweeney and Planningtorock, airs tonight at 10 PM ET. (It'll air on Monday night in the US and Tuesday morning at 2 AM in the UK, with shows archived for Apple Music subscribers.) Tune in here.