Berlin club ://about blank responds to Buttons party split and wider criticism

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  • The venue, which has come under fire in recent years for its stance on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, has released a statement and FAQs.
  • Berlin club ://about blank responds to Buttons party split and wider criticism image
  • Berlin club ://about blank has responded to this year's split with long-running party Buttons, as well as subsequent wider criticism. On June 22nd, Buttons, which had been running at the Friedrichshain venue since 2016, publicly announced its departure. Posted in the wake of the latest Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the statement was part of a wider campaign called Berlin Nightlife Workers Against Apartheid. ://about blank didn't respond at the time and were heavily criticised for their perceived political stance. As a result, various artists and promoters cancelled upcoming appearances at the club. "Guests, staff and organizers are anxious because they feel pressured to take sides, pro or con," the club says in its 3,200-word statement, posted earlier today, October 21st. The statement, which you can read in full below, confronts numerous topics, including ://about blank's staff; the club's split with Room 4 Resistance in 2018; and the role of the BDS movement and Germany's left wing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The statement is accompanied by a list of eight FAQs tackling questions such as "Is ://about blank an anti-Deutsch and pro-Zionist club?" and "Are people denied entry for wearing a kufiya?" The club also outlines its position on the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Read the statement and FAQs in full. Here's today's Facebook post.