The KLF are attempting to block a documentary about themselves

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  • Who Killed The KLF? is rife with copyright issues, according to the group's music publisher.
  • The KLF are attempting to block a documentary about themselves image
  • The KLF's music publisher has been attempting to block the release of an unauthorised documentary about the duo for a year, the Guardian reports. Directed by Chris Atkins, Who Killed The KLF? covers the enigmatic duo's history, their dramatic exit from the industry and their art foundation, The K Foundation, under which members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty burned £1 million in 1994. Tracks sampled in the documentary include "What Time Is Love?" and "3am Eternal." Publishing company Warner Chappell says the documentary didn't obtain the correct licensing to use The KLF's music. The production team has confirmed they used the tracks without approval but noted that copyright laws allow that for the purpose of criticism. According to Atkins, the documentary's use of archival recordings of the duo critiquing their own work means there is no grounds for a copyright claim. The KLF were notorious in their heyday for using samples that hadn't been cleared, even ending up in a lawsuit with ABBA in the '80s. As the Guardian noted, Atkins is aware of the irony. "We always champion the value of our songwriters' music," a Warner Chappell spokesperson told the Guardian. "Feature-length documentaries made for profit which make extensive use of an artist's music are not covered by the fair dealing exception to copyright law, which is why we took action in this case." Read the Guardian's full article here.