Tom Middleton debuts GCOM alias with new album, E2-XO

  • Published
    Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 16:50
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    Sean Beeby
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  • It's out October 29th via !K7.
  • Tom Middleton debuts GCOM alias with new album, E2-XO image
  • Tom Middleton has unveiled the first record under his GCOM alias. The 20-track E2-XO, which includes a collaboration with the late QEBRUS, will arrive via !K7 on October 29th. The GCOM pseudonym first appeared in Middleton's Isolated Mix 100 last year, which featured the track "Atmosphere Test." E2-XO sees Tom Middleton build on the sound of Global Communication, his collaboration with Mark Pritchard. E2-XO follows the reissue of their best-known Global Communication record, 76:14, from 1994, which was released via Warp last year. Middleton will perform material from both 76:14 and his GCOM alias, with the addition of a string ensemble, at London's Jazz Cafe this Saturday. Listen to "XO 4 (Wolf 1061c)."
    Tracklist 01. Noctis Ultimus (Epic mix) 02. XO Transmission #1 (GCOM x QEBRUS) 03. Anthropocene 04. Ocean Dreams 05. The Last Rains (V mix) 06. Starship Launch 07. Beyond the Singularity 08. Helix Nebula 09. Noctis Reprise (For QEBRUS) 10. XO 1 (Luyten b) 11. XO 2 (Kapteyn b) 12. XO Transmission #2 13. XO 4 (Wolf 1061c) 14. XO 5 (TOI-700d) 15. XO 6 (LHS1723 b) 16. XO Transmission #3 17. Planet B Awakening 18. XO 7 (Teegarden b) 19. Midnight Shore 20. Beyond The Milky Way !K7 Records will release E2-XO on October 29th, 2021.