Dutch clubs and venues to reopen on September 25th

  • Published
    Wed, 15 Sep 2021, 10:15
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    Sean Beeby
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  • The latest government rules stipulate a midnight closing time and a "corona pass" for entry.
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  • Nightclubs and venues in the Netherlands can reopen on September 25th, NRC reports. In addition to the reopening date, the Dutch government's latest Covid-19 regulations, announced yesterday, September 14th, stipulate that venues must remain closed from midnight through 6 AM and a "corona pass"—either proof of full vaccination against Covid-19, a recent negative test or proof of recovery—will be required for entry. "The new rules are anything but fair," Veronique de Leon, booker and manager at Utrecht club WAS, told Resident Advisor. "They're unreasonable and we're very confused, angry and disappointed. The midnight closing time doesn't make any sense at all. Why would the risk of infection be any larger after 12 AM? If anything, you're increasing this risk as people will be visiting house parties or illegal raves that are unsupervised after the 'club night' finishes. The corona pass as a means to an end is something we can understand, but only under the condition that this is being used for a certain phase and that this won't be something permanent." Other changes include ending social distancing and removing the maximum capacity on outdoor events or indoor events with seating. Indoor venues without seating can only be 75 percent full. Multi-day festivals are allowed, though visitors must present a new QR code, as part of the "corona pass," on each day. "We did testing events with Fieldlab for the last one and a half years with the government," Michiel Tettero, music director at Awakenings Festival , told RA. "Science proved that there is a way to have safe events at 100 percent capacity. The government still gives no valid reason for the difference between 75 percent and 100 percent capacity." The easing of restrictions follows the government's recent plans to shutter music venues until October 31st. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of people have made their voices heard at two large protests as part of the nationwide Unmute Us! campaign. Shortly after yesterday's announcement, Amsterdam promoter ALDA cancelled this year's Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF), the largest event at ADE. ADE itself is is still going ahead. Photo: Ateh Eszter Update, September 15th: The comment from Michiel Tettero, music director at Awakenings, was added to this piece after it was published.