England scraps vaccine passports at clubs and festivals

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  • UK government minister Sajid Javid confirmed the U-turn live on the BBC earlier today, September 12th.
  • England scraps vaccine passports at clubs and festivals image
  • Vaccine passports will not be introduced at clubs and festivals in England, despite the UK government committing to the scheme earlier this year, the BBC reports. The government's latest U-turn was announced earlier today, September 12th, live on the BBC by health minister Sajid Javid. This comes only a week after vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi assured the scheme, which was due to be introduced at the end of September, was going ahead. Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), said in a statement that the NTIA "welcomes" the decision and hopes "that businesses will now be able to plan for the future with some degree of certainty." First revealed in July, the plan was pitched as a way to incentivise teenagers and young adults to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Only people who could show some kind of proof—exactly what was never decided—would have been allowed entry into nightclubs and large events, such as festivals. Though the plan has been shelved in England, the government says it remains "in reserve" if needed later in autumn or winter, the BBC reports. Scotland is ploughing ahead with the scheme on October 1st, while Wales is deciding this week. Northern Ireland is currently not considering vaccine passports. Photo: Pim Myten