Charlie Bones to leave NTS Radio

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  • The popular breakfast show host announced the news live on-air earlier today.
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  • Charlie Bones is leaving NTS Radio. The popular DJ and presenter, who hosts the daily DO!! YOU!!! breakfast show, revealed the news live on-air earlier today, August 20th. Bones told listeners that he wasn't getting the support he needed from NTS Radio and was tired of trying to work things out. He also added that he would be "going solo." "It's not a joke, it's not a joke," Bones said. "It's happening. I'm going to need you." Later in the show, he added: "NTS did what they could for me. I hope they grow and build bigger and bigger. But outside of that my life is hell on earth. I deal with horrific pain, loneliness. I need something more... I just need love in my life." Resident Advisor reached out to NTS Radio, which replied with this statement.
    "Charlie's announcement on DO!! YOU!!! this morning was as much a surprise for us as it was for our listeners. A little bit of chaos has always been part of the fabric of his show. All good things come to an end. We've made some great radio together over the past ten years and we all wish him the best in whatever he does next. We don't currently know who's going to be taking on the NTS breakfast show, but we're excited to figure it out."
    Known for his eclectic music taste, sardonic patter and diehard following, Bones has been a part of NTS Radio since its launch in 2011. He initially hosted a show on Sunday nights before graduating to the breakfast slot in 2012. According to Bones, today's show is his last on NTS. You'll be able to listen back here. Listen to a playlist of DO!! YOU!!! classics, and read some of the online tributes to Bones.