Berlin tests indoor club events to reopen 'without distancing, without masks'

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    Mon, 2 Aug 2021, 10:14
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  • The trial will allow 2,000 PCR-tested clubbers to visit six selected venues across a full weekend.
  • Berlin tests indoor club events to reopen 'without distancing, without masks' image
  • Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe is testing the viability of holding indoor club events during the pandemic. From 10PM on Friday, August 6th to midday on the following Sunday, 2,000 consenting visitors will be able to visit six selected venues: Salon Zur Wilde Renate, Kitkat, SO36, Crack Bellmer, Festsaal Kreuzberg and Metropol. The test program aims to confront the difficulties of maintaining distancing and mask measures indoors by creating a "temporary SARS-CoV-2-free cohort." Participants will take PCR tests from a specific test provider before and after the weekend rather than the less reliable antigen tests typically used for accessing events. Participants will also answer a survey after the event. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can apply. Another goal behind the test is to decouple the connection between case incidence levels and venue reopening plans. Fluctuations in incidence level make it difficult for clubs to adapt to ever-changing degrees of regulation, leading to the necessity of creating "scientifically based models that enable dance events even under pandemic conditions." Tickets will be available from August 3rd via venue websites for €15 plus a €10 Euro refunded after the final test. For more information visit the Club Commission website. Photo credit: Blake Carpenter