New York Nightlife Advisory Council recommends curfew changes, legal drinking in parks

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  • The council published a new report last week to mixed reaction.
  • New York Nightlife Advisory Council recommends curfew changes, legal drinking in parks image
  • New York City's Nightlife Advisory Council has published a report limiting 4 AM curfews and allowing for drinking in public parks. As part of a rezoning suggestion intended to help "businesses and residents to co-exist without conflict," bars would be allowed to stay open until 4 AM in designated areas, with "family-friendly hours" required in residential areas. In a report published last Monday, the recommendation was made alongside a proposal to legalize drinking in public parks. As the Delta variant makes its way across New York, council members are devising new ways to ensure safe partying during the pandemic. The state has recently seen a major leap in COVID cases, with new COVID cases up by 51% last week. "Think of if you're in Central Park or another area and you open up a bottle of wine," Chair of Nightlife Advisory Council Andrew Rigie, who made the proposal, said. "Technically, you're not allowed to do that. "We're not just talking about taking every single public space and turning it into an outdoor party, of course not," he continued. "It's a little bit more refined than that." Some council members didn't embrace the alfresco drinking proposal, fearing the potential dangers of poorly regulated public drinking. "Doing dancing and drinking in the public, without strong regulation, I don't think it's a good idea," Councilman Peter Koo, who chairs the committee of parks and recreation, said. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, also shared mixed feelings about the proposal, saying: "Dancing used to have cabaret laws that were arcane, I smile on dancing, I don't smile on drinking in public places. I think there have to be some laws and public standards and I think right now is the right way to go," reported Mixmag. Read the report in full here.