EPIZODE festival is expanding to Albania

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  • This new edition runs from September 23rd to 26th on the beach of Lezhe.
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  • EPIZODE, a five-year-old techno festival based on Vietnam's Phú Quốc island, is branching out to Albania this year. Taking place on the coast of Lezhe, a city in northwestern Albania, this debut event is slated for September 23rd to 26th—much shorter than the 12-day duration for EPIZODE's flagship Vietnam gathering. The lineup has yet to be announced but global headliners and regional talents are expected, as are multiple stages and art installations. Organised with support by Unum Festival, the Lezhe edition marks EPIZODE's first expansion outside its usual base of Phú Quốc. Early-stage tickets are now available at EPIZODE's website. The last EPIZODE on Phú Quốc island was from December 2019 to January 2020 and featured the likes of Craig Richards, Nicolas Lutz, Ricardo Villalobos, Mathew Jonson and Sonja Moonear, among others.Read our review. Visit EPIZODE's website for more details.