26 percent of UK citizens think clubs should never reopen, according to new poll

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  • Conducted earlier this month by Ipsos MORI for The Economist, the poll surveyed 1,025 adults aged between 16 and 75.
  • 26 percent of UK citizens think clubs should never reopen, according to new poll image
  • More than a quarter of UK citizens want nightclubs to close forever, according to a new poll. Market research company Ipsos MORI collaborated with The Economist to conduct the poll online over July 2nd and 3rd. It surveyed 1,025 British adults aged between 16 and 75, with each participant answering three questions on seven topics related to the lifting of lockdown restrictions (in England) on July 19th. One of the topics was about reopening nightclubs and casinos. The results were mixed. While 30 percent disagreed that clubs should stay closed until the pandemic is "under control worldwide," 46 percent believed clubs should delay reopening by another month. Perhaps the most striking statistic was that 26 percent of people think nightclubs should never reopen. The age group most in favour was 16-24-year-olds (40 percent). Conversely, 52 percent disagreed with the motion, with 55-75-year-olds making up the largest group (60 percent). Other topics in the poll included social distancing, post-travel quarantine and wearing face masks. Another shocking stat revealed that 19 percent of people supported introducing a permanent 10 PM curfew in the UK. As things stand, clubs and festivals in England can reopen without restrictions from Monday, July 19th. Read about the return of clubbing in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Photo credit: Antoine Julien