Nicole Moudaber to appear in film, Alia's Birth

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  • The artist performs a live set in the feature-length, which is set for release in December.
  • Nicole Moudaber to appear in film, Alia's Birth image
  • DJ and producer Nicole Moudaber will appear in a feature film later this year. Alia's Birth is an LGBTQ full-length by Egyptian-American director Sam Abbas. The movie follows a female couple forced to spend the night apart and touches on themes of sex, motherhood and depression. Moudaber performs a live set at a New York warehouse party in the film, which also includes scenes of a live home-birth and a resuscitation. Set for a December release, Alia's Birth will only be available in physical form. "Once theaters are open and festivals are back running, then we can have Alia's Birth premiere," Abbas said. "There absolutely won't be a possibility of Alia's Birth playing outside of a physical event. Nor will the film ever be available for VOD/DVD/Blu-ray etc." Watch the trailer for Alia's Birth below.