Luke Slater collaborates with Lady Starlight, KMRU, Surgeon, Speedy J and Tom Moth on A-TON album

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  • DIALOGUE is a series of remote, three-person ambient recordings put together at the height of the pandemic.
  • Luke Slater collaborates with Lady Starlight, KMRU, Surgeon, Speedy J and Tom Moth on A-TON album image
  • Ostgut Ton's experimental sub-label A-TON is releasing a collection of Luke Slater's lockdown collaborations. Out digitally June 25th and on vinyl in August, DIALOGUE features four tracks between 15 and 25 minutes in length. They were each produced remotely during lockdown by Luke Slater and collaborators Anthony Child (AKA Surgeon), Speedy J, KMRU, Lady Starlight and Tom Moth, the harpist in Florence + The Machine. "It's not live jamming as such," explains Slater, who conceived the project and proposed it to A-TON. "A single live, one-take recording of audio and video is passed from person one to person two as a file. Then they, using that as a background, record their performance in the same way. Both performances are then passed to a third performer who does the same. Then I mix it at the end." Slater features on all four tracks, while Surgeon features on three, Moth on two, and Lady Starlight and KMRU once each. "My contribution was at the third stage," Speedy J told Resident Advisor. "The material I got to work with had the layers from Luke and Joseph already done, so I took what was already there and filled in the open spaces. My approach was to enhance the stuff they did, and complete their ideas. They initiated, and I commented." Each of the artists used one machine only, without sync or beat-matching, and built up the process as a domino effect of audio and video stems. "The beauty is always in the unknown and spontaneity in improvisation," said KMRU. Listen to DIALOGUE. Tracklist 01. Luke Slater, KMRU, Speedy J - DIALOGUE#1 02. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Tom Moth - DIALOGUE#2 03. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Tom Moth - DIALOGUE#3 04. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Lady Starlight - DIALOGUE#4 A-TON will release DIALOGUE on June 25th, 2021.