Susumu Yokota is the subject of a new reissue campaign from P-Vine Records

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  • The first to be reissued is the late artist's 2004 LP, Symbol.
  • Susumu Yokota is the subject of a new reissue campaign from P-Vine Records image
  • P-Vine Records is starting up a reissue series of Susumu Yokota albums. The series debuts with a reissue of the late Japanese artist's album, Symbol, which was originally released in 2005 via his Skintone label. At the time, the record was known for its clever use of sampled classical music. The reissue won't be available for purchase until September 24th, 2021, but you can pre-order the LP here. The P-Vine series follows the recent release of a Cosmic Soup-arranged collection that focused on his 246 house alias. Transmigration has also been reissuing his material under the Ebi alias, culminating in a new compilation due out this June. Yokota was a wide-ranging producer with many aliases who was hugely influential on the '90s techno and electronica scenes, including with classic albums like Acid Mt. Fuji. Listen to "Traveller In The Wonderland" from Symbol.
    Tracklist 01. Long Long Silk Bridge 02. Purple Rose Minuet 03. Traveller In The Wonderland 04. Song of the Sleeping Forest 05. The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies 06. Fairy Dance Of Twinkle And Shadow 07. Flaming Love And Destiny 08. The Dying Black Swan 09. Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower 10. Capricco And The Innovative Composer 11. I Close The Door Upon Myself 12. Symbol Of Life, Love And Aesthetics 13. Music From The Lake Surface P-Vine will reissue Symbol on September 24th, 2021.