Nene H's debut album, Ali, coming on Incienso

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  • It's out July 16th.
  • Nene H's debut album, Ali, coming on Incienso image
  • Nene H's first album is arriving via New York label Incienso. Ali follows the Berlin-based artist's Beast EP, released this year, which followed the 2020 releases Standard Deviation (a split EP with Poly Chain) and Scene Analysis. The album's eight tracks were formed as a tribute to her late father, and the compositions were informed by both Middle Eastern and western musical forms. Representing the intersections of her German and Turkish identity, the record also incorporates vocals written in both languages. Ali is due out July 16th. "Representing my heritage and my personal loss in such way in such format would be something that I would be scared of doing couple of years ago," Nene H says, "but I have also learned to own it during the past year—especially in these times of social movements against racism and discrimination, which is bringing to minorities so much power to be who they are and not try to blend in all the time." Read our Breaking Through feature with Nene H. Listen to "Lament."
    Tracklist 01. Letztes Pech 02. Lament 03. We Wait 04. Rau 05. Reue 06. Gebet 07. The Hustle 08. How We Say Goodbye Incienso will release Ali on July 16th, 2021.