Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell reveals Raw Tones, his first album in 13 years

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  • The nine-track record will land via Rekids on June 25th.
  • Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell reveals Raw Tones, his first album in 13 years image
  • Joe Claussell is releasing new material on June 25th. Raw Tones is the New York-based artist's first full-length in 13 years, following his 2008 LP, Corresponding Echoes. It was recorded during a long period of lockdown, and was originally released as a limited-edition cassette before the Radio Slave-owned Rekids label picked it up. Its nine house tracks capture the "unforgiving sounds of sirens, uncertainty, fear, resentment" of lockdown. "Amid a three-month mandatory stay at home lockdown, I was forced to search for other ways to satisfy my usual and daily cravings for creativity," Claussell explains. "With the convenience of producing music inside the box, of which I've never grown comfortable with. Fortunately for me, I always leaned towards analogue production as my preference; which is how I started producing in the first place." He adds: "Luckily, I found tucked away in storage my trusted vintage four track cassette portastudio recorder, along with a 50-count box of blank cassette tapes. Dusted off, recalibrated, demagnetised and tape heads cleaned off the machine, I immediately began recording. Comprised of my living room table, a microphone, a drum sequencer/midi controller, and the unique visual assistance of artist Akemi Shimada, the Raw Tones concept came into existence." As well as a DJ and producer, Claussell runs Brooklyn label Sacred Rhythm Music and is the cofounder of the legendary Body & Soul parties with François "K" Kevorkian and Danny Krivit. Preview Raw Tones via Phonica Records.
    Tracklist A1 Lock Down A2 The Blame Game (Table Top Idea) B1 Break Free B2 You Mutha Fuka B3 Way Back Then C1 Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette Demo) C2 Break Free (Instrumental) D1 If It's All in Your Mind Let It Out D2 Hallucination Ejaculation Rekids will release Raw Tones on June 26th, 2021.