Kool Keith has made a rap album with Bruno Pronsato and one half of Benoit & Sergio

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  • The production duo have teamed up as Triple Parked for the LP, entitled Keith's Salon.
  • Kool Keith has made a rap album with Bruno Pronsato and one half of Benoit & Sergio image
  • Kool Keith, Bruno Pronsato and Benjamin Jay (of Benoit & Sergio) have a new record coming out in June. The 12-track Keith's Salon is the first time these artists have worked together, fusing the two electronic producers' styles of minimal and house with Keith's oddball rap. The LP will be available on June 4th through Paris's Logistic Records. "I've been a fan of Kool Keith for many years," Bruno Pronsato told Resident Advisor. "It wasn't until the pandemic hit that I ever thought I would have the courage to ask him to collaborate with me on a project. My Perlon record had been in the can for a while and I seemed to be directionless musically. I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone artistically and personally and finally ask he if he would be down… He said yes. It was an amazing experience working with Keith start to finish. He's a wonderful and wise person to know." Kool Keith is known for working under over 50 aliases, including Dr Dooom and Black Elvis, and as part of groups like Ultramagnetic MCs, Dr Octagon, Analog Brothers and Masters Of Illusion. Bruno Pronsato also has a solo LP, Do It At Your Funeral, arriving via Perlon on the same date. Listen to "Glossy Lips."
    Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Yatchs 03. Clams 04. Style On 05. Extravagance 06. Shampoo You 07. Bright Eyes 08. Glossy Lips 09. Wiggle 10. Fashion 11. Pipes 12. Slippery Logistic Records will release Keith's Salon on June 4th, 2021.