New Skee Mask album, Pool, out today

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  • It's available via the Ilian Tape Bandcamp.
  • New Skee Mask album, Pool, out today image
  • Skee Mask has released a new album called Pool. The Munich-based artist's third full-length is out today, Friday, 7th, on Ilian Tape. It's available digitally and as a triple-pack vinyl through the label's Bandcamp, though not via streaming platforms like Spotify, which Skee Mask has openly criticised. The release coincides with what may be the final Bandcamp Friday. Pool, which spans 18 tracks, follows 2016's Shred and 2018's Compro, both released through Ilian Tape. Revisit our interview with Skee Mask from last year. Listen to "Nivio."
    Tracklist 01. Nvivo 02. Stone Cold 369 03. LFO 04. Rdvnedub 05. CZ3000 Dub 06. DJ Camo Bro 07. Collapse Casual 08. Breathing Method 09. Ozone 10. Rio Dub 11. Testo BC Mashup 12. Dolan Tours 13. Absence 14. 60681z 15. Crosssection 16. Harrison Ford 17. Pepper Boys 18. Fourth Pool is out now.