Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt reveal collaborative album, Lucy & Aaron

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  • Listen to "Demands Of Ordinary Devotion," the first single from the experimental duo's LP.
  • Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt reveal collaborative album, Lucy & Aaron image
  • Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt will release a joint album, Lucy & Aaron, via the former's Hanson Records on July 13th. The transcontinental collaboration began when Dalt, the RVNG Intl. affiliate, toured with Dilloway, a Midwest noise mainstay, in the US. "The first show we played together was in Toronto, he started with a very groovy loop, some kind of soul extract that felt just right," Dalt says. "I have never seen such an elegant, disturbing and powerful show at the same time, it was a wild combination." Dilloway also admired Dalt's music and performances and noticed similarities in their respective working methods. They'd eventually record Lucy & Aaron at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, Dalt's home in Berlin and Dilloway's home in Oberlin, Ohio. The album follows several more informal collaborations between Dalt and Dilloway. The 2019 tape Dragon Loops‎ and the 2020 digital release Field Recordings In The Forest Of Colombia. For more on Lucrecia Dalt, check out our feature from 2018. Listen to Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt's "Demands Of Ordinary Devotion."
    Tracklist 01. Tender Cuts 02. Demands Of Ordinary Devotion 03. Yodeling Slits 04. Bordeándola 05. Qol 06. Both Blue Moons 07. Niles Baroque 08. Voyria 09. The Blob 10. Tense Cuts 11. Ojazo 12. The Tunnel, End Credits Hanson Records will release Lucy & Aaron on July 13th, 2021. Photo credit: Lena Shkoda, Camille Blake