Chengdu club .TAG celebrates seven years with a five-city tour

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  • Residents and local DJs will play Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.
  • Chengdu club .TAG celebrates seven years with a five-city tour image
  • .TAG is touring China and Hong Kong throughout April to June for its seventh anniversary. Sixteen artists, including club residents and local Chengdu DJs, will perform sets at Shenzhen's OIL Club, Loopy in Hangzhou, Elevator in Shanghai, Zhao Dai and Wigwam in Beijing as well as Hong Kong's 宀 Club. Touring DJs include HAO (CN), Cora (CN), Dj Blue, Karmasub, Slowdown and XING (CN), among others. Called the "7 Up" tour, it embodies "the very core of .TAG’s aesthetics," the club said in a statement. Each night will "provide an embracing nightlife for marginalised groups and non-conformists," it described. ".TAG works hard to maintain its existence as a utopia away from the chaos of the outside world. We stick to this mission no matter what, and the evolution of .TAG has proven this tenacious club vitality… Instead of the seven-year itch, we actually feel more joy and pride brought by these past seven years' unparalleled experience," the statement continued. For more on the Chengdu club, read our 2020 feature by Harriet Shepherd.
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