Sama' Abdulhadi curates Beatport's Twitch residency this month

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  • Starting today, the programme will spotlight electronic music from the Middle East.
  • Sama' Abdulhadi curates Beatport's Twitch residency this month image
  • Palestinian artist Sama' Abdulhadi has curated the latest Twitch residency on Beatport, starting today, April 19th. Originally scheduled for earlier this year, the project was delayed after Abdulhadi was arrested in December during a broadcast in Jericho. She was released after eight days but has yet to be charged. "Honestly, it is a HUGE relief to finally see the Beatport residency broadcast," says Abdulhadi. "I took this on to showcase the scene in the Middle East that has helped and inspired my journey up until this point, and in trying to do something positive, I ended up achieving a different kind of attention to myself and this region. So despite the time in jail, the rumours, the love and hate, and the fact that my case has not yet been resolved, I remain positive and proud to bring things back to music and show the great talents in and around my home country." The programme, which launched at 3 PM CET, spans three weekly streams. The first and final show will focus on the Palestinian scene, with the middle broadcast highlighting artists from Beirut, Damascus, Tehran and beyond. Here's the full programme, and tune in now until 8 PM CET. (Abdulhadi plays at 7 PM.)