DJ and singer Eliza Rose launches label, Rosebud Recordings

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  • The first two releases are out now on limited-edition vinyl.
  • DJ and singer Eliza Rose launches label, Rosebud Recordings image
  • Hackney-born DJ and singer Eliza Rose has launched a label called Rosebud Recordings. The first release, which landed earlier this month on 7-inch, features two instrumentals from fellow London artist Palmer Eldritch, with Rose on vocals. One of the tracks, "A Bloke Named Smokey," is inspired by Cab Calloway's "Minnie The Moocher," a jazz song first recorded in 1931. "I wanted to give Minnie an opportunity to tell her own story and this is very much the ethos of the label as a whole," says Rose. "It's about taking up space. It's about being visible. It's about the underrepresented having their moment in the spotlight." The second release, which is also out now, collects club-ready remixes of the Eldritch tracks by Kylin Tyce and Peaky Beats. This one is out on 10-inch vinyl. Both releases are limited to 50 copies. Listen to both records.
    Tracklist RR001 01. Mr.Showbiz 02. A Bloke Named Smokey RR002 01.A Bloke Named Smokey (Kylin Tyce's Finer Than Wine Mix) 02. Mr Showbiz (Peaky Beats Money Mix) RR001 and RR002 are out now on Rosebud Recordings.