Seth Troxler launches Dream Access Television, a weekly series of music, news and 'oddball shows'

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  • Launching April 20th via Twitch, the entire suite of shows will be free to stream.
  • Seth Troxler launches Dream Access Television, a weekly series of music, news and 'oddball shows' image
  • Seth Troxler has developed an online series that will feature music news, talk shows, skits, interviews, food discussions and various other forms of streamable content. Called Dream Access Television or DAT, the production will take place on Twitch on a weekly basis starting from April 20th and is free to tune into. It aims to be "full-fledged programming" rather than just "DJs taking to the decks in their living rooms," according to a press release. A number of music industry players are hosting shows on the DAT network, which defines itself as "b-movie satire and quasi-journalism." Comedy writer and online personality Dear Morni is teaming up with veteran DJ Bill Patrick for a news show; trumpet player Greg Paulus and guitarist/composer John Camp talk jazz on their Jazz Hands program; Shit Mendy Cooks (the chef alter ego of Thai DJ Mendy Indigo) and UK artist Eats Everything are doing a food show while Matthew Dear is helming The Matt Dear Show. Also on tap are what DAT calls "adventure expeditions from the future" with techno producer Mathias Aguayo and "the joyous Misery Index" starring Chicago's Hiroko Yamamura and Drumcell. Meanwhile, Troxler himself is hosting a talk show called Seth Speaks, which is described as "Meet The Press meets Eurotrash." “Dream Access TV is a nostalgic take on public broadcasting from yesteryear," Troxler explained in a statement. "This is a channel devoted to the odd and quirky format made popular in '70s to '90s America." Viewers can expect "a hodgepodge of content that uniquely creates a space that is both everything and nothing at all," he continued. "We're creating a new channel deep in the twilight zone of our minds and the dance music conscious." Watch a teaser of the program below.
    For details on DAT's schedule, follow its Instagram and Twitch channel. Photo credit: Brian Park