Fashion label Bottega Veneta receives criticism amid reports of a Soho House party following their Berghain fashion show

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    Mon, 12 Apr 2021, 16:05
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  • The fashion show happened on Friday, with the likes of Honey Dijon, Slowthai, Skepta and Burna Boy in attendance.
  • Fashion label Bottega Veneta receives criticism amid reports of a Soho House party following their Berghain fashion show image
  • Reports are circulating on social media of an unrestricted afterparty at Berlin's Soho House, as well as a fashion show at Berghain. Last Friday, Daniel Lee, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, launched his Salon 2 collection at Berlin club Berghain, flying numerous celebrities in from London and the US for the event while the city remains under strict lockdown. Guests included photographer and the club's bouncer Sven Marquardt, Honey Dijon, Slowthai, Skepta, Burna Boy, Virgil Abloh and Kwes Darko (AKA Blue Daisy), as seen in photos on Dazed Digital. There have been reports of an afterparty at Soho House, as well as since-deleted videos shared on Instagram by attendees, which depicted the guests dancing in hotel rooms, without any masks or social distancing. The afterparty, as well as Berghain's involvement in the initial fashion show, have come under heavy criticism. The days-long fashion show may have been carried out under legal circumstances if classed as a work meeting, rather than an event of the "culture, entertainment or leisure sector," and if all guests presented negative tests, and wore masks throughout. In this case, according to lockdown regulations outlined on the city's website, 20 people would be allowed to attend. As neither Bottega Veneta nor Berghain have responded to our requests for comment at the time of publication, the event's legality and hygiene concept is unclear. As usual, no social media was allowed inside Berghain. The videos circulating of the afterparty seemed to show it did not adhere to any hygiene rules. Reports from an anonymous Soho House staff member shared on Twitter further confirm this, also stating that Bottega Veneta rented the whole of the luxury hotel for two weeks. Whether the afterparties were official Bottega Veneta events or not is unclear. Berlin is currently undergoing a third wave of fast rising Covid-19 cases. Having surpassed federal Covid-19 case limits, it has a curfew of 9 PM, restricting people from meeting anyone other than members of their own household. Bottega Veneta, which deleted their social media accounts last year, have not commented on the matter.
    Photo courtesy of Bottega Veneta