Mathew Jonson starts music production school, Freedom Engine Academy

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  • Mentors include Jonson himself, his brother Hrdvsion, Danuel Tate and Beatriz Artola.
  • Mathew Jonson starts music production school, Freedom Engine Academy image
  • Mathew Jonson is starting a production and live performance academy in June. Freedom Engine Academy says it's "not a school for beginners." The courses dive deep into complex topics like mixing, sound design, synthesis, improvisation, remixing and workflow. "My team and I have launched the Freedom Engine Academy to allow experienced DJs to grow their production skills and then guide them into live performance," Jonson told Resident Advisor. "I also wanted to take my skills to the next level, so essentially hired the professional mentors I felt would provide the highest education in each of their respective fields—Beatriz Artola and Erik Breuer (recording and mix engineers), Danuel Tate and Sarkis Ricci (contemporary keyboard / piano and music theory) and Nathan Jonson (Ableton Live 11 Suite—which is included in the enrolment fees). We also partnered with Roland Cloud so I could demonstrate on the classic outboard gear and then participants could apply that easily on the VSTs." Applications will open in May, and scholarships will be offered. The first 12-week course begins in June and ends with a graduation party. The name Freedom Engine Academy is taken from an alias Jonson debuted for a 2019 album on Dekmantel, A Box Full Of Magic. Photo credit: Camille Blake