Mutable Instruments updates Clouds granular processing module

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  • Beads is a "reinvention" of the popular Eurorack module.
  • Mutable Instruments updates Clouds granular processing module image
  • Mutable Instruments is releasing Beads, a new version of the Clouds granular processing module. The new module improves the processing power, audio quality, control and playability of the original, which was arguably one of the most popular modules in the Eurorack format. With improved interpolation and anti-aliasing algorithms, Beads can now cover "formants, wavetables, hard-sync-like sounds, or crispy noise." Grains can now track melodies, spray in bursts or divide and randomise incoming triggers. The most important controls all have an "attenurandomizer," which introduce degrees of randomness to a given parameter. There are also four audio quality settings that alter the clocking rate of the internal processors into Bright and Cold Digital, Sunny Tape and Scorched Cassette Modes. Learn about and hear Beads in Tom Leclerc's video.
    Mutable Instruments Beads is available soon for €299 .