DJ Spen announces Soulful Storm, his first album since 2014

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  • It's out next month on his Quantize Recordings label.
  • DJ Spen announces Soulful Storm, his first album since 2014 image
  • DJ Spen is releasing Soulful Storm, his first album since 2014. Out February 12th, the 12-track LP is the US house artist's second full-length after Transitions. Like that record, Soulful Storm will come out on his own label, Quantize Recordings. The LP features vocal cameos from Crystal Waters, Tasha LaRae, Michelle John, Carla Prather and more. "My second artist album, Soulful Storm, is a spirit-filled labor of love that features some of my favorite artists, musicians and producers," DJ Spen says. "Several of the songs were made during the pandemic, and I think many people will relate to the messages of love, frustration, resilience, and even fun. I truly hope that this collection of songs will move your soul." DJ Spen, real name Sean Spencer, is a Baltimore-based house producer and DJ. He cut his teeth as a hip-hop radio DJ in the mid-'80s, before exploring Chicago house as a member of The Basement Boys. In 2012, he founded Quantize Recordings, which has put out music by the likes of Crystal Waters, Louie Vega and David Morales. Listen to David Morales & DJ Spen feat. Carla Prather - "I Got The Love."
    Tracklist 01. DJ Spen & Jovonn feat. Tasha LaRae - Soulful Storm 02. DJ Spen, Monique Bingham & Roland Clark - The End Of It All (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Original Mix) 03. DJ Spen & Fonda Rae - Nobody But You 04. Crystal Waters & DJ Spen - Party People (DJ Spen & MicFreak Vocal Mix) 05. David Morales & DJ Spen feat. Carla Prather - I Got The Love 06. DJ Spen & Sheila Ford - Mr Melody 07. DJ Spen & Michelle John - You Are My Friend 08. DJ Spen & Cornell CC Carter - Keep Your Head To The Sky (Extended Mix) 09. DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins feat. Brandon Yancey - Sumthin Sumthin 10. DJ Spen & Tasha LaRae - I Wish I Didn't Miss You 11. DJ Spen & DJ Chujo feat. Brandon Yancey - Perfect Timing 12. DJ Spen & Soulfuledge - Goin' Home To See My Savior Quantize Recordings will release on February 12th, 2021.