Felix Dickinson and Tony Lee revive Ugly Music label after 24 years

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  • Three new releases are planned across January, February and March.
  • Felix Dickinson and Tony Lee revive Ugly Music label after 24 years image
  • Ugly Music, the label run by Felix Dickinson and Tony Lee, is relaunching after a 24-year hiatus. Out yesterday, February 12th, 25th Anniversary Edition reissues four of the label's early house tracks, including D-Ren 1's "Female." The second release, out March 19th on vinyl, features two Underground Evolution cuts: "Walk On Water," plus a new Joe Claussell remix of 1994's "Soul Searcher." The third, Echoes Of Time, is the debut EP by Cave Dwellers, AKA Dan Tyler (Idjut Boys) and Mark Gilbert. "I'd been noticing more and more interest in our Ugly Music releases," Dickinson says. "It started when Zip started playing D-Ren 1's "Brothers And Sisters," and since then a few of the other titles have been picked up on, like Justin David's Geeks'N'Freaks EP. It gave me a great deal of joy to get back in touch with some of the old artists a year or so ago to let them know I owed them some cash from records I'd managed to sell on Discogs." He adds: "When me and Tony started we were a pair of stoners barely out of our teens with an obsession for classic-sounding house music. We're now a bit older, a tiny bit wiser, so hopefully can take the label further than we did back then." In addition to the new releases, the entire Ugly Music catalogue will be made available digitally via Bandcamp. Dickinson and Lee founded the label in 1995. Listen to Underground Evolution's "Soul Searcher (Joe Clausell Remix)," and revisit Carlos Hawthorn's profile of Felix Dickinson from 2016.
    Tracklist VA - 25th Anniversary Edition 01. D-Ren 1 – Female 02. Bobby Wright - Sex Chants 03. Faze 2 - House Of LZ 04. K-Alexi - All Mine Underground Evolution - Soul Searcher (Joe Claussell Remix) 01. Walk On Water 02. Soul Searcher (Joe Claussell Remix) Cave Dwellers - Echoes Of Time EP 01. Word Is Out 02. Six Eighteen 03. Seven Oh Seven 04. Primal Pipes 25th Anniversary Edition is out now on Ugly Music, with Echoes Of Time EP following on March 26th and Soul Searcher (Joe Claussell Remix) following on April 9th, 2021.