Bid for a Yamaha CS-5 synth once owned by Aphex Twin

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  • Available now on eBay, the piece features hand-carved etchings by Richard D. James.
  • Bid for a Yamaha CS-5 synth once owned by Aphex Twin image
  • A Yamaha CS-5 analog monosynth once owned by Aphex Twin is up for sale on eBay. The vintage synth, bought by Canadian producer and label owner David Borean in 2006, isn't your average bit of hardware: Richard D. James used it to make Selected Ambient Works Volume II before hand-etching the album's liner notes onto its bottom. Photos of the notes were then used for the LP's artwork. The eBay bid currently sits at €3,050, with nearly ten days of the auction left. Here are some photos.
    In addition to the auction, Borean, who runs Suction Records, is reissuing 100 copies of the RDJCS5ep EP by label co-owner Solvent. Released in 2011, the 12-inch was made solely using the Yamaha CS-5, which has never otherwise left Borean's house. Watch a new video for EP track "Tassels."
    Tracklist 01. Curtains 02. Radiator 03. Mould 04. Tassles 05. Sandpaper RDJCS5ep is out now on Suction Records.