Donato Dozzy to release drum & bass EP on Samurai Music

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  • The four-track record The Tao is out later this month.
  • Donato Dozzy to release drum & bass EP on Samurai Music image
  • Donato Dozzy is putting out a drum & bass EP on Samurai Music on November 27th. The four-track The Tao was named after the Italian techno producer's cat, and the label says the title track is "easily the happiest tune we have ever released." This is the first time that Dozzy has put out a full drum & bass record, but it's not his first brush with the genre—he's been incorporating into his DJ sets for years, and last year he contributed a drum & bass tempo remix to a Homemade Weapons EP on Samurai. The Tao is the latest release bringing Dozzy out of his usual techno comfrot zone. This year alone he's released two synth pop albums—one as Il Quadro Di Troisi with Eva Geist, and the other under the name Men With Secrets in collaboration with In addition to The Tao, Samurai also has an album from ASC on the way. Watch a video teaser for "Dusty Bones."
    Tracklist 01. Mai 02. Dusty Bones 03. Sanza High 04. Tao Photo: Tea Guarascio