2 Bad Mice mark Moving Shadow legacy with new label, Over/Shadow

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  • The first release comes from Blame, who is best known for his 1991 cut "Music Takes You."
  • 2 Bad Mice mark Moving Shadow legacy with new label, Over/Shadow image
  • A new label called Over/Shadow has been launched as a sequel of sorts to legendary UK imprint Moving Shadow. The new initiative comes from UK group 2 Bad Mice, who helped run the original label alongside former member Rob Playford until they split off in 1997. As part of an effort to mark the label's legacy, 2 Bad Mice members Si Colebrooke and Sean O'Keefe held a meeting at a pub in London a couple of years ago and found that many artists actually wanted to continue the label as part of a new collective. The new imprint, Over/Shadow, will release records from core Moving Shadow crew members as well as some new names. (In a tweet, ASC said he would be part of the new label.) The debut release is a two-track EP from Blame, who provided Moving Shadow with one of its first anthems, "Music Takes You," back in 1991.
    Moving Shadow was a key label in the development of UK rave music, starting with UK hardcore in the early '90s and tracking its evolution into jungle and drum & bass. Artists like Foul Play, Omni Trio, Goldie and Dom & Roland released on the label, and cofounder Rob Playford also produced and engineered much of Goldie's Timeless album. There's no word on release date for Blame's upcoming EP, but the label has a Bandcamp page. For now, listen to Blame's "Music Takes You."
    Update, November 6th: Following the original report, Over/Shadow released a statement clarifying that the label has no involvement with Moving Shadow owner Rob Playford, and that it is a new label for new music from many artists involved with the old Moving Shadow label and a larger community beyond.