Halcyon Veil announces debut album from Lol K

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  • Coby Sey and LA Timpa feature on the LP from the London duo, which includes a member of Mica Levi's Good Sad Happy Bad band.
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  • London group Lol K is releasing their debut album through Halcyon Veil this week. Lol K is the duo of Junior XL and CJ Calderwood (who is also a part of Good Sad Happy Bad with Mica Levi). Their first album, The Breeze, features six tracks along with six instrumental versions, with a sound described as a mix of UK drill, pop and 2-step by the label. Guest vocals come from LA Timpa—who is releasing an album on Halcyon Veil in the near future—and Coby Sey, whose recent EP River got an RA review. Lol K have previously released on Mica Levi's Curl Recordings, and Calderwood's band Good Sad Happy Bad just put out a new album, Shades, this month. Read our review here. For more on Halcyon Veil, the label run by Rabit, check out last year's Label Of The Month feature. Listen to "Oilseed Stone."
    Tracklist 01. Proud 02. Air Held Softly In A Fist 03. Oilseed Stone feat. Coby Sey 04. Twice 05. Completely Out Of Business feat. LA Timpa 06. Anechonic 07. Proud (Instrumental) 08. Air Held Softly In A Fist (Instrumental) 09. Oilseed Stone (Instrumental) 10. Twice (Instrumental) 11. Completely Out Of Business (Instrumental) 12. Anechonic (Instrumental) Halcyon Veil will release The Breeze on October 30th, 2020.