Los Angeles record store Mount Analog reopens in new Silver Lake location

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  • The shop will be open on weekends at 2217 Hyperion Avenue.
  • Los Angeles record store Mount Analog reopens in new Silver Lake location image
  • Mount Analog, the influential Los Angeles record store, has reopened after two years at a new Silver Lake location. The record shop and book store is now open on weekends in LA's Silver Lake neighborhood at 2217 Hyperion Avenue. The store's original location in Highland Park shuttered in 2018, but Mount Analog has operated as an online shop and continued to function as an agency and management company in the years since. Mount Analog had a impact on LA's underground community both through its highly-specific stock of vinyl, cassette, books and other wares as well as events like the Nuit Noire series, which hosted acts ranging from Regis to Grouper. We spoke with Mount Analog's sole proprietor Mahssa Taghinia on the store's reopening. Why is Mount Analog reopening now? I closed with the intent of reopening in a space that was a bit more sustainable and not driven by developers and profiteers. It's difficult not to be a part of the gentrification conversation, but I sincerely hope that we're humbly co-existing in a respectful recognition of our community, and not participating in displacement or opportunism. Silver Lake and Franklin Hills has a rich, vibrant history filled with stories from Latino and LGBTQ communities, and I hope we can be a part of that conversation in our own way—with art and music that is actually dominated by non-white trailblazers and healthily representing a spectrum of gender. Mount Analog is now a business that is 100 percent owned by a woman of color as well. It's also good to have a home base for my agency and shop. The shop will open on the weekends (Friday from 6 to 8 PM, Saturday 12 to PM, Sunday 12 to 6 PM) and weekdays the space is an office focused on the agency and management company. Theres something irreplaceable and unquantifiable about visual, tactile and interactive experiences—something no list or algorithm can deliver or satiate that even something as wonderful as Bandcamp can't ever substitute for. How would you describe the focus of the new store? I'm looking at the wall now and it features records by Sarah Davachi, The Weeknd, Traxx, Charli XCX, Stephen Mallinder, Kalyani Roy, Nicolas Jaar, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Elysia Crampton, Duval Timothy, Idles and Yaeji just to name a few... so the focus is what connects this all!
    Mount Analog is open now with capacity and Covid-19 safety rules in place.