Carl Cox announces new book, Oh Yes, Oh Yes

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  • The British producer revealed his still-in-progress book on Dubfire's podcast, DJs and Beers.
  • Carl Cox announces new book, Oh Yes, Oh Yes image
  • Carl Cox is working on a new book, Oh Yes, Oh Yes. The news was announced during the most recent episode of Dubfire's DJs and Beers podcast, DJ Mag reports. "We'd actually written the book before the pandemic," Cox said. "But we put a hold on it because the book isn't finished yet. There's still so much story to tell. What happened afterward with my family, where I am at, the [electronic music] scene itself, what's going to happen in the future." Due to uneven reopening efforts affecting retailers, the release of the book is on hold at the moment. We'll have more details on Oh Yes, Oh Yes as they're available. Watch the recorded DJs and Beers podcast below, and skip to 02:05:00 for details about the forthcoming project.