Derrick May dropped from lineups amid sexual assault allegations

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    Wed, 23 Sep 2020, 17:00
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  • Paris Electronic Week and FAC51 The Haçienda responded to allegations by dropping the Detroit artist from their lineups.
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  • Derrick May has been taken off the bill of this weekend's Paris Electronic Week event as well as FAC51 The Haçienda's Easter weekend 2021 gig in London. May has recently come under scrutiny following a number of allegations of sexual harassment and assault, initially posted by Michael James, who composed the piano sequence that serves as the basis for May's 1987 hit "Strings Of Life." James's initial posts on Facebook prompted several women to come forward with allegations of their own. (RA's investigations into this matter are ongoing.) Paris Electronic Week, scheduled to occur this weekend at La Gaîté Lyrique, is a series of workshops and conferences that will cover subjects including safety and consent in electronic music. "Following the recent sexual assault charges targeting DJ and artist Derrick May who was scheduled to take part in our event, we have made the decision to cancel his appearance pending clarification," read a statement on September 14th.
    On September 17th, FAC51 The Haçienda confirmed that "Derrick May will not be appearing" at a London event scheduled for 2021 "pending clarification of recent developments," on Facebook. A day earlier, May made an official statement via his attorney, Kyle J. Dupuy of the Dupuy Law Firm. The statement, posted to Facebook, says James's allegations that "Derrick May has drugged and/or raped several women" are "patently false, libelous and calculated to ruin Derrick May's professional career," going on to say James is "motivated by a spat over royalties that he feels he is owed for Derrick May's Strings Of Life track." May then provided RA with the following statement: "The allegations made against me are without merit. I've spent my life creating, sharing, and exploring beauty. Women are the conduit of life, to be respected and protected. This is how I live."