Gop Tun releases 27-track compilation to support Brazilian artists

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  • The album features label affiliates TYV, Meduna and more.
  • Gop Tun releases 27-track compilation to support Brazilian artists image
  • Gop Tun has released another V.Acina compilation. Following the first volume of the series put out in April, the new set spans 27 tracks, featuring the likes of Brazilian artists TYV, Meduna, Agrabah, Davis and Gigios. 100 percent of all sale proceeds will go directly to contributing producers. The label says, "What do we miss more? The temporary autonomous zone, full of instant friends where a drop of water saves lives… And obviously the feeling that we're in the right place/right time until the very last song that the master of ceremony will play. Our government was born dead, so we do what we always did: we carry on with our own resources and try to help as much as we can." Gop Tun is a São Paulo party, DJ collective and record label centering disco and house. The imprint has recently seen releases from TYV, who put out the BFF EP this year, following Meduna's 2019 release of Sanatório. Listen to ​​V.Acina Vol​​.​​2.
    Tracklist 01. VIBRA - Feignebaum 02. Gigios & Carrot Green - Sem Essa 03. Luisa Puterman - Gruu 04. Gerab - Ex-Presidente 05. Rico Jorge - Sais 06. Tha_guts - Ethereal 07. Benjamim Sallum - Vale Do Paraíba 08. Aka Linda Green & Raiany Sinara - Sonho Quase Erótico 09. Bertho - Chez Raph 10. Mauricio Avila - Luz 11. Cacos - Ego II 12. Dj Due & L_cio - Moove 13. Davis - Don't Blame Machines 14. Arthur Joly - Brazilian Robot 15. Felix - Pt. II 16. João Machado - Unity 17. Agrabah - Paloma 18. Teo Cozzo - Hempstyle 19. Valeu DJ - Rebelião House 20. Mauricio Fleury - Briluz 21. International Hurricane Center - Sunday 22. Meduna - Vremesa 23. Paloma - Ravemix 24. Marcia Vieira - Chaos Is How I Learn 25. coelho - Pocaliti 26. Stefanie Egedy - Include Yourself (Selfdrop Remix) 27. TYV - Sem Sinal (BR mix) V.Acina Vol. 2 is out now on Gop Tun.