Jordana, AKA 1.8.7, has a Bandcamp page now

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  • The American drum & bass pioneer has shared higher-quality versions of her early aughts albums, plus a new EP.
  • Jordana, AKA 1.8.7, has a Bandcamp page now image
  • Jordana, AKA 1.8.7 and Lady J, has created a Bandcamp page. American drum & bass pioneer Jordana LeSesne has uploaded higher-quality versions of her 2001 Full Color LP and 2003 album Numerology. The Pittsburgh-born, Seattle-based producer also shared a teaser EP for her next album, called Resistencia. In the description, she says the released tracks were made from 2014 to present day, while she produced the remaining material this year. The release date on the LP is still TBA. In June, Jordana released her first new track since 2016, the "highly personal" "Fight For Our Lives" for #BlackTransLivesMatter.
    To learn more about Jordana's influential career, which began in the mid-90s, read her interview with them from October last year. Listen to the Resistencia EP.
    Tracklist 01. Resistencia 02. Angular Momentum 03. Rainbows Not Enough (It All Goes Dark) 04. OVNI (Ever Present) The Resistencia EP is out now, with the LP to come at a TBA date.