Khotin reveals new album, Finds You Well

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  • The Canadian artist's fourth album is out on Ghostly International in September.
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  • The Canadian artist Khotin has a new LP, Finds You Well, out via Ghostly International on September 25th. In 2018, Dylan Khotin-Foote released Beautiful You, a well-loved ambient record that caught the ears of Ghostly, who gave it a vinyl release. Finds You Well explores a similar sonic space, the ten tracks comprising a mix of ambient and laid-back dance floor cuts influenced by '90s downtempo, replete with gentle breakbeats and detuned piano. The title references the ubiquitous e-mail greeting, which takes on differing levels of sincerity depending on the context. The first single off the album, "WEM Lagoon Jump," references West Edmonton folklore, specifically the time a kid jumped from a shopping mall's second-floor balcony into a fountain. Listen to "WEM Lagoon Jump."
    Tracklist 01. Processing 02. Ivory Tower 03. Heavyball 04. Groove 32 05. Outside In The Light 06. Lucky Egg 07. WEM Lagoon Jump 08. Your Favourite Building 09. Shopping List 10. My Toan Ghostly International will release Finds You Well on September 25th, 2020. Photo credit: Lindsay Mcnab