Carista, LYZZA, Helena Hauff confirmed for NACHTIVILLE, a new festival from the team behind Nachtdigital

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  • The 3,000-capacity festival will host guests at a resort park on the Baltic coast from January 22nd to 24th.
  • Carista, LYZZA, Helena Hauff confirmed for NACHTIVILLE, a new festival from the team behind Nachtdigital image
  • Nachtdigital will put on new six-stage destination festival called NACHTIVILLE in January. The team behind Nachtdigital—who hosted the final edition of their flagship festival last year—are announcing a new indoor event, NACHTIVILLE, at holiday and resort park Weissenhäuser Strand, situated 120km outside Hamburg next to the Baltic Sea. Running from January 22nd to January 24th, the festival will welcome 3,000 guests all staying in apartments, bungalows and hotel rooms on site. The grounds will house six stages featuring sets from 40 artists including DJ Stingray, Carista, Batu, Eris Drew, Suze Ijó, Helena Hauff, OK Williams, Ben UFO, Peach, and LYZZA. For a less dance-oriented option, an ambient floor will also run throughout the weekend. Organizers are attempting to plan around the tenuous reality of throwing a large-scale event in the years before there's an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. As such they've secured a few backup scenarios in case the festival has to postpone this year because of a surge in infections. The same venue has been booked out for 2022, so guests will have the option of requesting a refund or carrying their tickets over to the following year. NACHTIVILLE's concept was conceived during a vacation at Nachtdigital's former venue Bungalowdorf Olganitz where the team were resting after a busy party season. While enjoying the serene atmosphere, they couldn't help but miss the music and energy of a festival. Inspired by this push and pull, they write of the new project's inception "the desire arose to merge the themes of vacation and rave into something new." Tickets are available on their website from August 17th. Read our Five Key Performances review of Nachtdigital's final festival in 2019. Watch the festival trailer.
    Photo credit: Christian Rothe