Actress causes stir by mysteriously sharing Mad Voyage mixtape by Dam Voyage

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  • "All the confusion had me seriously laughing," Dam Voyage said.
  • Actress causes stir by mysteriously sharing Mad Voyage mixtape by Dam Voyage image
  • This post has been corrected and updated. Actress's affinity for mysterious music drops has caused some confusion. Darren Cunningham tweeted the link to a SP Forums post with no other accompanying information. The link leads to a Mediafire download of a file called "MAD VOYAGE MIXTAPE.m4a." The forum post and Mediafire file were created on July 1st. "All SP 303, sketchbook beats, recorded this past week straight to recorder or cassette," the post by username (222)-222-2222 reads. After several music publications, including this one in an earlier version of this post, mistakenly attributed the mixtape to Actress, the LA label NextAge has clarified that the mixtape is by the artist Dam Voyage. Appearing to have some fun with the confusion, NextAge has been retweeting the incorrect articles with the hashtag #MadVoyageMixupthe artists are in on it too.
    In a statement to RA, Dam Voyage said, "Mad love to Actress, I always share my music with him and he's been really supportive over the years. All the confusion had me seriously laughing. I made the mixtape super quick, decided to slip it into the SP forum for the heads. I also put up a new video/single "Sapphire" from a record I'm about to release As Blue As Time."
    Earlier this month, Actress swiftly released his latest LP, 88, which required guessing the password to Actress's long-awaited album, Karma & Desire, is due out in October. More details on that release were revealed behind the 88 secret login.