London venue The Cause is expanding

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  • The independent Tottenham venue is adding a three-storey 5,000-square-foot room, tentatively called The Theatre.
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  • London club The Cause is growing. The independent Tottenham venue is adding a third room, the 5,000-square foot, three-storey space, tentatively called "The Theatre." When the UK nightlife industry inevitably, gradually returns, the added room will give The Cause extra capacity to let punters keep a safe distance as well as more outdoor space. The Cause has launched a Crowdfunder page to help fund the expansion, as well as support the venue while it's closed during the pandemic. "We were set to unveil this space on Easter Thursday with a ridiculous unannounced back to back from two Chicago OGs," cofounder Stuart Glen says. "COVID has shattered our dreams, and we have been close to abandoning this expansion due to financial constraints. We are now in a catch-22; we either give this back to our landlord, spending money to reinstate changes or we plow on, fundraise a little further and finish what we have started. Double or quits really, but we have faith in our community to make this happen!" This expansion comes after series of ups and downs for the charity-focused venue, which opened in April 2018. Initially, The Cause was set to close after one year due to planned development, but the lease was extended to January 2020. Then, after finding a potential new space in Tottenham ahead of the January closure date, The Cause was granted another long-term extension and a later license (with the option to host some 24-hour parties).