patten produced new album, GLOW, in lockdown

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  • The 14-track LP is out July 3rd on 555-5555.
  • patten produced new album, GLOW, in lockdown image
  • patten is releasing a new album next month. "Made this in lockdown," patten says about GLOW—"No beats." The LP incorporates elements of modern classical, shoegaze and metal across the 14 beatless tracks. It's out July 3rd via his 555-5555 label and platform. GLOW follows patten's 2019 audiovisual album and project, FLEX. Watch the video for "Soft Power" and stream it on Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. Clandestine Modal 02. Screen Burn 03. Rorschach 04. Lavender Crest 05. Heat Transfer 06. Soft Power 07. Memory Palace 08. Chronoblur 09. Valley Commerce 10. Neck Tat 11. Epoch 12. Mission Creep 13. Lariat 14. Axial Tilt 555-5555 will release GLOW on July 3rd, 2020.