Prins Thomas marks 15 years of Full Pupp with five-part compilation

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  • The five anniversary EPs feature exclusives from the Norwegian producers like Bjørn Torske, DJ Fett Burger and Skatebård.
  • Prins Thomas marks 15 years of Full Pupp with five-part compilation image
  • Prins Thomas' Full Pupp will mark 15 years with five various artists EPs. While the Norwegian mainstay has a hand in a number of labels—such as Internasjonal, Rett i Fletta and Horisontal Mambo—with Full Pupp he focuses on Norwegian artists. The five-part compilation, which will be released in instalments starting this month, includes the likes of Doc L Junior, DJ Fett Burger, Skatebård, Mental Overdrive, Telephones and Bjørn Torske, to name a few. "For the compilation I sent out invitations to not only previously contributing artists but also some new names and friends that I've wanted to release for a while," Thomas told RA. "I finally got a track from Bjørn Torske after the initial invite more than 15 years ago." We also asked the Full Pupp boss how Norway, a country of five-and-half million people whose largest city, Oslo, holds 700,000, has been able to consistently produce internationally-lauded talent. "I believe that the lack of a proper 'electronic music' industry here during the '90s and '00s means the music got off to a good start and evolved in a natural way based on individual wants and needs rather than living up to a legacy," he said. "With Full Pupp it's pretty much been a family affair most of the way with older artists introducing us to new and as we're a small country, if you don't know someone then you'll certainly know someone that does." All of the EPs will come on 12-inch and digital except for FPXX15, which will come out exclusively on digital September 15th. For full details check out the tracklists and release dates below. Listen to Bjørn Torske's "Ramma."
    Tracklist FP069 A1 Doc L Junior – Metro Part 1 A2 Blackbelt Andersen – Lort Og Fanteri B1 Bjørn Torske – Ramma B2 DJ Fett Birger – Bløt Fis I Hvite Linbukser FP070 A1 Telephones – Betongbonus A2 Marius Våreid – Acidus B1 Christian Engh – Schmoo B2 Mental Overdrive – Day (Prins Thomas Mix) FP071 A1 Iben Elster – Kong (Ibens Overdub) A2 Magnus International – Sitronsyre (Prins Thomas Mix) B1 Skatebård – Bim Bam B2 Wild Flowers – Magic Johnson FPXX15 01. jaddajaddaPlay – Flagrende Gevanter (Prins Thomas Edit) 02. LP Martin – Copenhagen 03. Pandreas – N.M. 04. Pelifics – Corso Magenta 05. Sommerstad – Seniore Parnemando (Prins Thomas Remix) 06. Tarjei & Are – Før Rubicon 07. Synk – Lykkemaskin (Prins Thomas Edit) FP072 A1 Frantzvaag – Soft A2 Velferd – Returning B1 Jarle Bråthen – Vaguely Wavey B2 Kalle Magnus & Daniel – Ny, Lang (Prins Thomas Edit) Full Pupp will release FP069 in June, FP070 July 3rd, FP017 July 31st, FPXX15 September 18th and FP072 on October 15th, 2020.