Wiley releases 'final album,' The Godfather 3, early

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  • The godfather of grime announced the career shift as he dropped his 13th studio album a week in advance last Friday.
  • Wiley releases 'final album,' The Godfather 3, early image
  • Wiley has released his "final album" and completed The Godfather trilogy. The godfather of grime released the long-awaited album a week ahead of its June 12th release date, which had been pushed back from September 13th, 2019, via his label CTA Records. In an interview with Dan Hancox in the Guardian, Wiley said, "When they blocked Full Circle [an album set for September 2019 that was later scrapped], I made it my goal to make sure the grime scene wheels are spinning before I leave. I need those wheels to be spinning." "I'm 41," Wiley told Hancox. "I don't want to try and fit in with kids. I just need to not let my genre die on the way out." The Godfather 3, Wiley's 13th studio album, spans 22 tracks and features D Double E, Jammz, Capo Lee, Flowdan and more. Production credits include the likes of Scratcha DVA, Terror Danjah, Donaeo and Masro. The first two parts in The Godfather trilogy were released in 2017 and '18. In 2019, Wiley released dancehall hit "Boasty" with Sean Paul, Stefflon Don and Idris Elba, which Conducta remixed and included on his recent mixtape, The Kiwi Sound. The album is available to buy or stream on most digital platforms, and listen to a clip here.
    Tracklist 01. Intro (Godfather 3) 02. Come Home feat. Blay Vision & Realz 03. The Game (2019) 04. Da Vibez Is Back 05. Protect The Empire feat. Jammz & K9 06. Eskimo Dance feat. Big Swingz, Breeze, Capo Lee, Delusion, Ears, Flowdan, Jammer, Jammz, K9, Tempa T & Ten Dixon 07. Alla Dem feat. Riko Dan 08. Bars feat. D Double E 09. Family (2020) feat. Flirta D, Footsie & Goldie1 10. This Is It 11. Bruce Wayne 12. Double Dragon by Wiley & J2K 13. Starring feat. GHSTLY XXVII, Jammer & K9 14. Amsterdam feat. Breeze, Manga Saint Hilare & Scratchy 15. Balance feat. Aisa 16. Free Spirit 17. Light Work 18. Rinse 19. Image Ting 20. West London feat. Big Zuu, Direman, GHSTLY XXVII & K9 21. South London feat. Blessed UK, Crafty 893, Faultsz, Jon E Clayface & Ten Dixon 22. Press Record The Godfather III is out now on CTA Records.