Sarah Davachi helms first instalment of Boomkat series, Documenting Sound

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  • Out now, Gather features improvised "sketches" of two upcoming albums from the Canadian artist.
  • Sarah Davachi helms first instalment of Boomkat series, Documenting Sound image
  • Boomkat Editions is debuting a new release series, Documenting Sound, with a tape from Sarah Davachi. Focused on improvisatory and experimental work recorded at or near the home, Documenting Sound intends to archive the music of artists living through the pandemic. Kicking off the series, Gather consists of "mostly improvised and unedited" material exploring ideas from two upcoming albums, one of which Davachi says has already been completed. The A-side features acoustic studies with the harpsichord, harmonium and piano, while the B-side centers three electronic studies with electric organ, synthesizer and Mellotron. The record is available as a limited edition cassette featuring an eight-panel insert, as well as digitally. Davachi says, "I've been going through various stages of movement—some days I can't be motivated to do anything and other days I can spend long hours working on music and going deep into it. When I've been able to sit with making music, it's been incredibly meaningful and reconfiguring for me at this moment. I'm thankful to have the time in my studio, a room that is calm and quiet and feels quite distant from the outside world and this cassette is essentially a reflection of that interiorized state of being." Listen to our 2018 RA Podcast with Sarah Davachi.
    Check out the tape here.
    Tracklist 01. Gathers I 02. Gathers II 03. Gathers III 04. Gathers IV 05. Gathers V 06. Gathers VI Gathers is out now on Boomkat Editions.