Suzanne Ciani, Objekt contribute to Korg's new cookbook

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  • The Pyjama Cookbook is available as a free PDF.
  • Suzanne Ciani, Objekt contribute to Korg's new cookbook image
  • Korg Germany has released an online cookbook featuring original recipes from artists across the electronic music scene. The Pyjama Cookbook: A Guide To Self-Feeding includes recipes from Alva Noto, Objekt, Suzanne Ciani, Interstellar Funk, Matias Aguayo, Peter Kirn, Korg Germany CEO Tatsuya Takahashi and more. In an opening note Takahashi writes, "As our small team of Verena, Lydia, Max and I clamber to get KORG Germany off the ground, we occasionally swap cooking recipes. What a lifesaver. Because who isn't tired of their own cooking by now? And why not collect more and share? The aim of The Pyjama Cookbook is to share the favourite concoctions from our friends from all parts of music, in the hope of instilling solidarity and encouraging friendship during these extraordinary times. Well. It's also just for laughs. Have fun." The Pyjama Cookbook is available for free on the Korg Germany website. Check it out here. Revisit our 2014 feature with Korg. Watch Korg Germany's Instagram announcement below.
    See photos from the book.