Alva Noto reveals fourth Xerrox album

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  • The latest LP in the series is reportedly more melodic and conventional than past editions.
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  • Carsten Nicolai, AKA Alva Noto, is releasing Xerrox Vol. 4 on June 19th. The fourth volume in the series, which started in 2007, continues the theme of re-sampling samples until they're unrecognizable. This time, however, the sounds are arranged in a more melodic, approachable way, according to label Noton. Listen to clips over at Bleep. The last Xerrox came out in 2015. There's a fifth one planned to end the series, though there's no word yet on when that might come out. Earlier this year, Nicolai released a cover of The Cure's "A Forest, and last year put out collaborative albums with Anne-James Chaton and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Listen to "Xerrox Voyage."
    Tracklist 01. Xerrox Kirlian 02. Xerrox Neige 03. Xerrox Voyage 04. Xerrox Plongée 05. Xerrox Cosmos 06. Xerrox Île 07. Xerrox Argo 08. Xerrox Calypsoid 1 09. Xerrox Canaux 10. Xerrox Utopia 11. Xerrox Sans Retour 12. Xerrox Calypsoid 2 13. Xerrox Apesanteur 14. Xerrox Néant Noton will release Xerrox Vol. 4 on June 19th, 2020.