Palmbomen II produces imagined 'lost' Cindy album

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  • Kai Hugo's Cindy Savalas character, performed by Blue LoLãn, returns for a "solo" LP, out June 5th on World Of Paint.
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  • Kai Hugo, AKA Palmbomen II, has produced a new, imagined "lost" album for his Cindy Savalas character. "Cindy Savalas," named after a minor The X-Files character, first appeared as a track on Palmbomen II's self-titled 2015 album for Beats In Space. In 2018, Hugo released the four-part Memories Of Cindy collection, which told the story of her hometown of Carmel Vista, California. Now, I'm Cindy—out on June 5th via Hugo's World Of Paint—puts the character, performed by Blue LoLãn, at the center of the material. "I imagined Cindy having her own 'lost' album," Hugo says, "as if she had once released a record that was kind of forgotten... until now. I wanted Cindy to have her own shoegaze/Italo disco album containing both ballads and dance songs, with Cindy being the pop singer of her own songs." For the project's visuals, Hugo combines video with 3-D animation: "I tried to see where in the realm between animated 3-D and reality Cindy actually lives—what of her life is real and how does she live between these worlds?" Watch part one of the video for "2y & 6m."
    Tracklist 01. Another 02. 2y & 6m 03. My Mother 04. Never Let Me Go 05. New Power 06. Cousin's Birthday Party 07. Seaview Parking 08. Justin 09. Mary 10. Boyfriend 11. I Love You 12. Voice Message 13. Maybe Because It's Over Now World Of Paint will release I'm Cindy on June 5th, 2020. Photo credit: Bianca Lexis