Loco Dice launches new label and online talk show

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  • Listen to the first single on En Couleur, "Believe In Me."
  • Loco Dice launches new label and online talk show image
  • Loco Dice started a new label called En Couleur. The label launches today with his single "Believe In Me," which will be included on a three-track EP called Sweet Nectar Blossom due out on May 22nd. En Couleur will reportedly play home to a slightly different style than the tech house sound he's known for DJing. His last album, Love Letters, which touched on his hip-hop roots, came out in 2018. Loco Dice has also started a live online talk show on his Instagram called 3 Is The Magic Number, where he has DJs on to talk about their top three records of all time. The series launched last week with Carl Craig, and Joseph Capriati will appear on Sunday, May 3rd. Watch the video for "Believe In Me."
    Tracklist 01. Believe In Me 02. Kanak Funk 03. Sweet Nectar Blossom En Couleur will release Sweet Nectar Blossom on May 22nd, 2020.