Darkstar announces fourth LP, Civic Jams, for Warp Records

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  • The album is out in June.
  • Darkstar announces fourth LP, Civic Jams, for Warp Records image
  • Darkstar's next full-length is due out via Warp Records on June 19th. Civic Jams is reportedly influenced by both shoegaze and the UK rave hardcore continuum. The duo took everyday living in Britain, as well as their immediate community, as their primary inspiration. "This was all planned to go out into a world that wasn't going through a pandemic," the duo say. "We don't know what we feel about releasing music in this climate to be frank. Everything we tried to touch on with regards to tangible space and shared moments on the record seems like we were concerned about a luxury we didn't know could be reduced further." "We've tried to look at the juxtaposition of being comfortable in an often claustrophobic era of unrest both politically and culturally," they continue. "Tangible space is where this album focuses—it's about having the last warning on a tax bill and going to a rave. It's resigned to having a drink while Brexit blares out in the background. Being able to enjoy the sun while another 0845 number rings out on your mobile for god knows what. We wanted to look at singling out those moments when you balance the everyday fuckery you find yourself in with being in a place or a community that resonates with you and eases the burden." Listen to "Jam."
    Tracklist 01. Forest 02. Jam 03. 1001 04. 30 05. Wolf 06. Loon 07. Tuesday 08. Text 09. Blurred Warp Records will release Civic Jams on June 19th, 2020.